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In light of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA irshadaat, Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS founded Zahra Hasanaat in Ramadaan 1417H with the following aims and principles. The scheme has helped many many mumineen and continues to do so with Syedna Khuzaima Qutbuddin TUS doa Mubarak and guidance and with the efforts of sincere and dedicated volunteers.

Since January 2014 some people have stopped our medical vans for a period of 2 months threatened our doctors and medical van personals with violence. We started the medical van services on march 15th 2014 and now we are servicing 20 locations in 5 days We will relaunch our services in Food Aid, Business Aid and Home Aid Soon.

Food includes providing for basic livelihood. Food provision is Zahra Hasanaat’s prime activity as it is the most basic need. It is given to households unable to purchase daily food supplies.

Food is made available to widows, single parents or homes where the sole bread winner is unable to provide...

Business aid is provided in various ways:

People with small businesses, ranging from local milk delivery ventures, to roadside stalls and small shops are counseled on how to grow their businesses and thus increase their income. Depending on situation sometimes funds are provided as outright aid. In addition

Members have witnessed mumineen living in disgraceful environments. Zahra Hasanaat focuses on improving their living standard by providing proper living conditions like hygiene, water proofing, clean drinking water, good atmosphere.

In Monsoons, certain households are usually flooded due to open gutter.
We provide consultation for all the illness we provide medicine for diabetics BP cardiac medicines skin disease also osteoarthritis and some protein at highly subsidised rate and other supplement.

Medical aid ranges from infant care to treatment of various ailments in adults and children. Also, medical aid in terms of making a handicapped life less tedious and providing amenities to disabled individuals.

In these very low-income households, even small medical expenses are sometimes unaffordable. Zahra Hasanaat provides medical aid and facilities in various ways: