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After praying to Allah subhanahu for long life till qiyamat and shifa kulli for Aqamola tus, we put forward the report of last years Iftaar Jaman in Shehre Ramazaan 1431H organized by Zahra Hasanaat with raza and doa mubarak of Aqa Burhanuddin Mola TUS under the guidance of Syedi Mazoon Saheb tus.

Report is attached with this email. Please take a few moments to go thru it.

In short, we were able to do 2213 Thaals in total last year across several Jamaat centers in Mumbai suburbs. If some of your friends participated in this sawaab with you, please don't hesitate to ask them again on our behalf.

Each thaal is now Rs 750, US $17, UK 11 pounds, Australian $16

We also suggest if anyone is willing to do the full Jaman at these locations, then please let us know: If you do, you may opt to ask to put fateha chithi for

Behrampur, near Vasai (14 thaal jaman x 15nights) - Approx Rs.1,47,000

Khatalwada near Sanjan (10 Thaals x 15nights) - Approx Rs.1,00,000

3. Vasind (10 Thaals x 15nights) - Approx Rs. 1,00,000

4. Neral (12 Thaals x 15nights) - Approx Rs. 1,26,000

5. Bhayander East (6 Thaals x 15nights) - Approx Rs. 65,000

6. Bhandup (6 Thaals x 15nights) - 15 days - Approx Rs. 65,000

7. Matheran (6 Thaals x 15nights) - Approx Rs. 65,000

One day Jaman options (with Fateha on mithas option)

1. Bhayander W - 220 Thaals - Budget 1,65,000

2. Mira Road - 115 Thaals - Budget Rs 86,000

3. Dombivali - 70 Thaals - Budget Rs. 52,000

4. Vikroli - 35 Thaals - Budget Rs. 26,000

5. Malad Kurar Village - 15 Thaals - Budget Rs. 11,000

In addition to this we also provide clean mineral water to all the centers everyday in Shehrullah.

We are also trying to give a shihori package per family where we may not be able to provide jaman - 2 kg sugar, 1/2 kg tea, other breakfast items (milk powder, biscuits) - approx Rs. 300 per family - currently we have identified 850 families in Malad and Nalasopara. (this will come out of the general budget)

Shehrullah Iftaar Jaman 1432