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Marraige Khidmat Year: 2007 Place:  Santacruz (Golibar), Mumbai
Mumena ben was taking a loan on high interest to get married. Her parents did not possess enough toperform her wedding. The family of 4 lived in a 50sqft flat and barely managed to survive from month-to-month. 
Zahra Hasanaat volunteers prepared a trouseo for the bride. They carried out all the expense including shaadi jaman and had the shaadi function in Memun Hall, bendi Bazaar. Today the mumena ben is happily married with a child.
Household Khidmat Year: 2004 Place:  Ghatkopar, Mumbai
Single Mumena ben. She lives alone, she is almost deaf. Her home size is barely 30sqft. She barely has a source of income. 
Zahra Hasanaat volunteers provide food aid. They also provided other facilities to better her living condition.
General Khidmat Year: 2004 Place:  Ghatkopar, Mumbai
Mumena ben with child was making tea and jaman for the Ghatkopar jamaat. But still she was not making enough money for her daily needs. Adequate nutrition and education needs of the child could not be provided by her.
Zahra Hasanaat volunteers, have put the child in a good school and following up with the child's progess in school. Furthermore, they are also providing monthly food rations, so that both mother and daughter have adequate nutrition.
General Khidmat Year: 2009 Place:  Umebergoan, Gujarat
This is 60 year old couple. They first lived in the peripery of jungle and then moved to 65sqft home. But they constantly have to move every 11 months, as they do not have money to give a deposit for a long term lease. Their house is infested with mosquitoes and they live without electricity. A lot of help is required to make them settle permenantly and comfortably.
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