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Home Improvement Year: 2009 Place:  Surat, Gujarat
Mumena ben's did not have clean water source in their homes. Zahra Hasanaat provided them with water filters. Furthermore, they were also provided clothes and other facilities.

Improved Living Conditions Year: 2007 Place:  Nalasopara, Mumbai
These two sisters are unmarried and slightly mentally imbalanced. They have acute water problems in their home.
Zahra Hasanaat has provided water filters and other facilities to make general improvements in their living conditions. Currently Zahra Hasanaat is looking for help to move the sisters to a better home with proper utilities and facilities.
General Improvement Year: 2004-2008 Place: Amba near Dahod, Madhya Pradesh
Mumin bhai was found on the road sitting as if he had no help by a Zahra Hasanaat volunteer. His wife has a hole in her heart and she was also operated of the same with Trust funds. Initially, they were provided with general facilities and food help from Zahra Hasanaat. They were moved to a better a accomadation by us.
Later Zahra Hasanaatfound him a job in Amba near Dahod. Zahra Hasanaatfinanced his whole families move to Amba. Zahra Hasanaatput the children in a school. After shifting to Amba, Zahra Hasanaatregularly check on his living conditions, his children education and nutrition needs. One of our member goes to Amba from Mumbai to inspect his progress. The photo provided is his current situation.
Marraige Khidmat Year: 2008 Place: Surat
This family had a very small income and they wanted to get their daughter married. Our Zahra Hasanaat volunteer called them to Mumbai. They had loans of Rs 4000.00, which Zahra Hasanaat paid off. In addition, Zahra Hasanaat did all the expenses for the daugther's wedding.

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