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Newly married couple was to deliver a baby girl. The newly born was weak and therefore was kept in an incubator for an extended period of time. Zahra Hasanaat paid the hospital fees. We also helped her with aqiqa expenses. She recently celebrated her first birthday. 

Nalasopara east   Young mumeena bahen was suffering from TB for a long time, we took up her case and kept her under observation with complete medical treatment. To improve her nutrition we provided her a regular supplment of milk and eggs. Today she is completely cured and her brother is looking after her. She now is a volunteer with Zahra Hasanaat.  

Bhayander East ß   One Mumeen bhai with family of four and aged father was in debt and taken loan on interest. He had failed in the electric business. We paid his loan amount immediately, he promised to return with monthly installment, which he did promptly. Today he is happy and doing small scale garment trading. He has to take qarzan for his children school fees and other misc. expenses, which he repays with monthly installments.  

Vasind (Suburb on central line)   A young mumeen bhai needed a contribution towards computer class fees. He received Qarzan hasanat from Zahra Hasanaat . With the Mubarak dua of Mazoon Mola TUS he repaid the Qarzan amount and started working as a software executive. He is aspiring to be a software programmer in the company.  

Nalasopara East   A Young boy from Nalasopara was selling plastic items on road after his school hours. His mother made eatables items against order. Initially, Zahra Hasanaat provided school fees and finance to the boy for his studies and sales respectively. Post school, as per his wishes and ambition we provided for training at NIIT. On completion of his course at NIIT he started his own computer classes by buying one computer on Qarzan Hasanat from Zahra Hasanaat ( He has re-paid in full now).  Today he has rented a premise and runs a larger class using three computers. Moreover, he has volunteered to teach at no cost to the ones who really can’t afford a fee.

Malad Malavni sector 7 & 8: A handicapped Mumin bhai was delivering milk door to door on foot. This is used to take him 5 to 6 hours. Zahra Hasanaat provided him with a tricycle. Now he delivers milk in 3 hours and in his saved time, he sells fast consumable items. The tricycle has helped him earn a better livelihood for himself and his family.