Adaptability during Crisis

Ahmed is a blind man whose business took a hit during the pandemic. Zahra Hasanaat has offered him Covid relief, along with financial loans to help him get back on his feet.

Socioeconomic Background

Ahmed is a blind man who used to repair tires in a small shop off the highway in Maharashtra. He had taken a loan from Zahra Hasanaat to attempt to increase his business when Covid struck. With no one on the highways, his business trickled down to a full stop.

He approached Zahra Hasanaat with the request for 15k to purchase a handcart so he could sell vegetables on the roadside. The organization managed to get one built at the cost of 8k instead, demonstrative of the problem-solving and frugal attitude Zahra Hasanaat adopts for economic matters.

After this, there was an issue with his house, so he had gone to live in another city upon the wishes of his daughter. At this time, Zahra Hasanaat had sent Covid relief, including food baskets, etc. He has since come back to his original city and lives with his wife’s sister.

Loan Specifics

20k was loaned initially to initially before Covid for his tire-repair business, and while paying it back partially, his business falling through has made it difficult for him to fully do so. Zahra Hasanaat has also given him 8k to buy a handcart so he has a means of income.

Short and Long-term Benefits of Loan

Initially, he had been able to begin investing more in his business before Covid started. Afterward, through the help Zahra Hasanaat offered, he was able to manage a new livelihood through selling roadside produce.