Eager to Learn, Eager to Succeed

Latika found about the Zahra Hasanaat sewing classes from a close friend who’s mother in law lives right next too the Center. While she has sewed before she’s never done any formal design work and is eager to learn. She wants to eventually open up her own seamster business and name it after her youngest daughter, “Aakarshin”. Her dream dress to design is a modern take on classic Saris by making them easier and quicker to wear.

Latika was forced to marry right after she completed Junior College despite wanting to attend University. If given the opportunity she would love to attend school again and major in the humanities. She is married to her husband of 11 years who is a rickshaw driver. They have two children, Aakarshin 1.5 and Pramod 9. While she loves her family dearly her two biggest stresses are her family’s financial situation due to the fact that she can’t work because of the kids. Her mother in law is also very sick.

After her marriage she became a nurse and worked in a hospital in Karjat and then in Thane once she moved. She then stopped for 5 years after becoming pregnant with her first child. She then continued to work for 2 years until her second child was born. After Aakarshin she was unable to take the night shift and as a result could not work at the hospital anymore.

Latika is eager to begin working after receiving her sewing certification.