Entrepreneurship Through Capitalizing on Financial Loans

Hassan is a businessman who has been taking loans from Zahra Hasanaat for close to ten years. Always turning a profit no matter his trade, he had saved enough to sustain himself for the first, difficult year of Covid-19, after which he accepted relief aid offered by the organization.

Socioeconomic Background

Hassan lives in Gujrat with his wife. Without an education or many skills, he made henna for a living, collecting about 3-4k per month. This is when he first came to Zahra Hasanaat for a loan. In just a few years, he was able to begin a sharbat syrup business, for which he also granted micro loans. 

During the Covid epidemic he also received some aid to keep his business afloat until he was able to revive it once again.

Loan Specifics

The initial loan he asked for was 10k for his mehendi business, from which he profited and then returned. After about 2 years, when he was able to start a sherbat syrup business, he also asked for loans; 25k, 50k, 1lakh, 1.5lakhs, which were all properly returned. 

During Covid, he had also called to return a 1lakh loan due to his business not seeing success. Since then, it has once again picked up. 

He makes a profit off of every loan Zahra Hasanaat has given him, without which it is unlikely for his business to have grown or survived short or long-term.