Excellency in Fashion Design

Fatema was a top-of-her-class student who brought great enthusiasm and effort to her studies in fashion design. Her community service centered around graphic design, another passionate interest.

Socioeconomic & Family Background:  

Fatema had initially met her husband, Abdullah, in college. Originally, he had made an application to QJSP, and after they had been married, Fatema did as well. She had attended a university in Tamil Nadu for a post in fashion design. 

Community Service:

Fatema had an interest in graphic design, and this is what a majority of her community service was centered on. She interacted with suggestions and instructions with readiness and cooperation.


Fatema was one of the foremost students in her class, an achievement born of an incredible effort and inspired by the great desire and enthusiasm she brought to her studies in fashion design. Her professors were very supportive of her and encouraged her based on her performance, which were demonstrated her cleverness and intelligence. 


1 lakh and 59280 INR scholarship was given to Fatema on a 60% loan and 40% grant in one year.