Welcome. Ahlan Wasahlan.

This is Zahra Hasanaat. A social welfare organization helping families around the world achieve self reliance with love, compassion & dignity since 1996.

Zahra Hasanaat is committed to helping families achieve self-reliance with dignity and compassion. Since its inception, hundreds of thousands have benefited from aid, support, and counseling in the areas of food, health, education, and finance.

Zahra Hasanaat was founded by his Holiness Syedna Qutbuddin RA in 1996 with the blessings of the His Holiness Syedna Burhanuddin RA

Zahra Hasanaat Trust is a Charitable Trust based in Mumbai, India – Registration No: E 24221 (M)  

Food Security

A minimum wage industrial worker comes to the Zahra Hasanaat Center every day for a nutritious lunch.


A family afflicted by a devastating earthquake receives medical aid for their diabetic mother.

Education QJSP

A single mother making ends meet for her family receives scholarships for her two children.

Financial Advisory

A man is granted a zero-interest loan to purchase the bicycle he needs to get his small business off the ground.

Interfaith Taqreeb

Our aim is to learn to respect the differences we cannot reconcile and find common ground on which we can build our relationships.