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  • Webinar | Hypertension: Recognizing and Dealing with the Tension of High Blood Pressure
    What is high blood pressure or hypertension? High blood pressure is a very common serious condition in which the force of the blood against artery walls (blood vessel walls) is high.
  • Webinar | Mental Health Matters!
    This webinar featured a panel of international mental health and emotional wellness experts who discussed many aspects of mental health such as techniques for reducing personal stress as well as other topics such as personality testing. Mental… Read more: Webinar | Mental Health Matters!
  • Seamstressly Studying
    Ritwika is a 20 year old second year BCom student studying at a local Thane based University. She found out about the Zahra Hasanaat sewing classes through a friend who knew the teacher, Shemunshi. Although she wants a career in commerce she wanted to pick up sewing to potentially pursue it as a side job to become more independent.
  • A Seamstress in the Making
    Chaitanya is a 24 year old nursing student who is currently living with her husband and in-laws in Yeoor. She heard about the Mazaar sewing classes through her mother in law and has been participating in them for the past 3 months. After receiving her sewing certificate after one year of training she hopes to begin working as a seamstress.
  • Mazaar-e-Qutbi Guided Tours
    His Holiness Syedna Taher Fakhruddin wishes for the guided tours of Raudat-un-Noor to foster communal harmony and promote inter-cultural dialogue. These tours will give visitors an overview of the history and significance of the space. Monuments of reverence spanning from Fatimid Egypt, to the Saifee Masjid in Bhendi Bazaar, have inspired its architectural essence. This and more will be presented during the tours.
  • Dental Camp at Welfare Center
    The camp included a dental awareness talk, educating people about common dental ailments, especially stressing on tooth decay and gum diseases. The dentists will carried out examination of teeth, gums and mouth and suggested necessary treatments when required.
  • Webinar: What do you want to be when you’re all grown up?
    In this live interactive session we introduced some of our community’s youngsters as they compare and contrast their educational and career pathways. Tahera ben from Tokyo, Khuzaima bhai from San Francisco, and Aliasger bhai from Canada all mapped our their education pathways, sharing their wisdom with young attendees looking to map out their future careers.
  • Community Conversations: Livelihood Series
    A series of live interactive sessions about small businesses were held where speakers and panelists shared their stories, journey, and choices they made to establish their businesses. The webinars were dynamic and engaging conversations between our speakers, panelists and the audience. We hope the webinars will inspire others to start their own entrepreneurial journey.
  • Marathi News: Welfare Center Activities
    News Hind India has published a Marathi article on the Zahra Hasanaat Center, outlining the various activities including interfaith taqreeb, medical, financial, and health initiatives. Read more on the News Hind India website: महाराष्ट्रात ठाण्यातील रामबाग, लोकमान्यनगर,… Read more: Marathi News: Welfare Center Activities
  • Counsel Throughout Challenges
    Muhammed is a 33-year-old man staying with his sick mother, who is hospitalized regularly. Throughout many difficult periods, Zahra Hasanaat has offered him moral and financial support.

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