Food Security

من اطعم كبدا جائعا، وكسى جلدا عاريا، وسقى هامة صادية، واعتق رقبة مؤمنة، وجبت له الجنة

Whosoever feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, quenches the thirst of the parched, and relieves the bondage of the afflicted will enter the garden of paradise

Imam Ja’far-us-Sadiq AS

We believe that there is enough wealth and abundance to be shared and that no one should be worried that they cannot afford their next meal. No father or mother should be worried that their child will go to bed hungry. Zahra Hasanaat ensures that in all the communities it works in that food security is addressed to the last mile – cooked food as well as ration. Field volunteers survey local communities to find out what challenges they and their families face in their daily nutrition and build systems to best fill in the gaps. We develop menus and have a 360 degree feedback loop that ensures cost economies of scale as well as quality of food and high nutritional value.

What we do

165,000+ meals served | Daily Vegetarian Meals – Free and open to all

In the Zahra Hasanaat Center adjoining Mazaar-e-Qutbi everyday meals are served to whoever wishes to enter and eat. The meals are healthy and wholesome vegetarian food in order to accommodate all persons of various religious and cultural backgrounds. Read stories and view photos.

Monthly Ration

Additional ration of grains including rice and wheat, oil and other cooking essentials are available to those who qualify based on their government ration amounts.

Ration, and other food support is available to families in need.

The organization is committed to good governance, transparency, fair management, responsible use of funds, and accountability.

Upliftment, not charity, is beneficial for both the givers and receivers as it instills a sense of connectedness in the community and gratitude for what we have.