Following Her Dreams

Ekaparana was the first student to sign up for the Zahra Hasanaat sewing classes when they started. She found out about the classes through her neighbors who heard about it through someone else. She had been trying to learn sewing on her own before but was unable to make any significant progress. While she wants to begin working full time as a seamstress after the class ends, she does not know if she’ll be able to due to her three children, they are: Fulmala 12, Jankruti 10, and Pandurang 9.

Ekaparana stopped attending school after the 10th standard because she said she was not good at studying. Following 10th standard she stayed at home, helped out with chores, and got married at 20. After marriage she and her husband moved too Mumbai so her husband could find work. He is currently working in a local metal factory.

Her largest stress currently is her oldest daughter is Ashtaa’s health. She suffered from anemia when she was younger and has suffered bad health ever since. Despite this and all her other challenges Rita remains infectiously positive. Her one wish in the world is that she and her family achieve peace.