A Seamstress in the Making

Chaitanya is a 24 year old nursing student who is currently living with her husband and in-laws in Yeoor. She heard about the Mazaar sewing classes through her mother in law and has been participating in them for the past 3 months. After receiving her sewing certificate after one year of training she hopes to begin working as a seamstress.

Chaitanya completed her Junior College while living in Vassa UP. The reason she didn’t continue on to University was because she fell sick on the day of the entrance exams and could not afford to pay for a retake. If she had the opportunity she said that she would go back to college and pursue a major in the humanities.

After realizing that she couldn’t afford to go to college she began training to become a nurse. However her training was stopped due to the first Covid lockdown in 2020. While her life may certainly seem hectic Chaitanya said she could not think of anything to wish for. She’s finds happiness and contentment in her family – her husband, who works as a construction worker in a nearby complex, and they have a one-year old daughter Divya.