Seamstressly Studying

Ritwika is a 20 year old second year BCom student studying at a local Thane based University. She found out about the Zahra Hasanaat sewing classes through a friend who knew the teacher, Shemunshi. Although she wants a career in commerce she wanted to pick up sewing to potentially pursue it as a side job to become more independent. Her dream piece of clothing to design is an umbrella dress, similar to the gowns princesses wear.

She and her family moved to Thane 7 years ago from a small village in UP named Mizrapur because of her father’s work. Her mother is a tailor and loves the fact that Ritwika is learning how to properly sew. She also has two younger brothers ages 17 and 18 who are also studying business and commerce.

She is not married and currently wants to focus on her sewing and studies. Although she is juggling school, family, and sewing classes she is doing them all seamlessly and is happy.