Commitment in the Field of Childcare

Jameela was a remarkably bright student majoring in Early Childcare and Education. She completed her studies after four years in Australia, earning her bachelor’s degree along with a minor in accounting.

Socioeconomic & Family Background

Jameela is an only child who lived in Singapore with her single mother, Shaheen. An acquaintance of her mother had recommended they apply to QJSP for Jameela’s undergraduate program. 

She went to university in Australia for four years and has since completed her degree. She is currently around 30 years old.


Jameela’s major for her undergraduate degree was in Early Childcare and Education with a minor in Accounting. She is noted to be a remarkably bright and smart student, and very committed to her field.


Her full course fees were 95,360 AUD, with 23840/year. QJSP has given her a 10k AUD scholarship on a 60% loan and 40% grant for a year, and she had received other scholarships for the rest of her program.