Counsel Throughout Challenges

Muhammed is a 33-year-old man staying with his sick mother, who is hospitalized regularly. Throughout many difficult periods, Zahra Hasanaat has offered him moral and financial support.

Socioeconomic & Family Background

Muhammed is a 33-year-old man living in Maharashtra, with a mother who is very sick. His sister, who had mental health issues, passed away last year. He has the responsibility of his mother’s health on his hands, especially with how often she is hospitalized. 

Whenever she is hospitalized, Zahra Hasanaat gives them support. When Muhammed himself had also fallen sick once, a member of Syedna saheb’s family had stayed with and supported him.

His financial situation after some of his family’s passing had proven difficult, applying for a loan from the organization during the pandemic. He had been waiting on a profit from a few properties, however, Zahra Hasanaat urged him to begin working for a living, as the currency was dropping and the land was facing economic issues. He now works from home at an online company.

Loan Specifics

During Covid-19, he had taken a loan of 4k from Zahra Hasanaat, leaving jewelry as collateral. Since then, he has returned the loan. 

Short-term Benefits

He and his mother were supported during the turbulent times brought about by the pandemic. His mother is also assured of the support Zahra Hasanaat offers in the potential case of another hospitalization.

Potential Long-term Benefits

Muhammed has expressed gratitude for the moral and financial support of Zahra Hasanaat.  He says he feels very connected and has drawn strength from the love and courage Syedna Saheb has given him.