Support in Times of Tragedy

Mohd has taken loans from Zahra Hasanaat for both the pursuit of higher education for his two children, and the renovation of his gift store.  With tragedy having only just recently struck the family, the support of the organization remains firm.

Socioeconomic & Family Background

Mohd lives in Uttar Pradesh, and despite the distance, has felt very connected to Syedna Saheb and seeks his doa and blessings. He has a son, Hatim, who is very bright as evident by the awards he’s won through his specialization in environmentally friendly architecture. His daughter graduated in Delhi with a career in criminal law; QJSP has awarded scholarships and loans for both of his kids, which were soon properly paid back.

He also applied to Zahra Hasanaat for a loan to renovate his gift article store, which is his main source of income. This was also readily after paid back. 

His commitment to his community and family has been reaffirmed time and time again, and after the tragic accident in which his daughter passed away, he has remained a strong pillar for his family.

Loan Specifics

He was given a 5k loan from Zahra Hasanaat for the renovation of his store. Along with this, QJSP has awarded both his children with grants and loans. All loans are paid back in full.