Dependable, Holistic Approach to Aid

Ali and his family looked to Zahra Hasanaat at a time when there was no one else to turn to. The organization supported them throughout Covid-19, along with medical funds and financial relief.

Socioeconomic Background

Ali lives in Madhya Pradesh and suffers from polio affecting his legs, with a livelihood based on online government work. His house was bought at the affordable price of 1.5lakh, however, commuting became an issue due to its location. Thus, he returned the house, although the money was not returned, owing to great difficulties in his financial situation, particularly as Covid soon began. He had over 8k in loans, as well as a daughter around 13-years-old, who suffers from epilepsy and requires medical expenses for its treatment. Nobody helped him in this time of need. 

He came and entreated his story to Syedna Fakhruddin, and took leave to move to another city, where he now lives with his family.  He comes frequently to Syedi Mazoon Saheb’s bethaks to seek guidance and prayers for his personal situation online.

Immediate Issue

The immediate issue involved his lack of residence and financial situation, a matter of urgency given the rise of Covid-19. 

Relief Aid Specifics

Zahra Hasanaat first settled the bank loans he had accumulated in his initial place of residence. The organization looked to supporting his children, particularly the medical funds his daughter needed for her epilepsy condition. Furthermore, money was given to aid in moving to Indore. In total, around 75k was given. 

Benefits (Long/Short-term)

When Ali came to us with the issue of his house, Zahra Hasanaat did not only just help him solve the one problem that was facing him then. Addressing and tackling the numerous interconnecting issues that had built up, a holistic approach that helped and supported Ali long-term rather than just for the immediate issue, culminating in a much more fruitful result. He remains in touch with Zahra Hasanaat.