Immediate Relief for Pandemic Crisis

Abbas is one of the many whose family was impacted gravely by the effects of Covid-19. Zahra Hasanaat has provided them with immediate assistance in monetary means, along with food and medical aid.

Socioeconomic Background

Abbas has two brother, a wife, and two children. Living in Madhya Pradesh, someone had defrauded his business and he had lost 40k. He entreated this to Moulana, and has since moved with his family to another city. 

Immediate/Emergency Issue

When Covid-19 began, Abbas contacted the organization. He explained that they had nothing to eat, and that relief aid was an immediate necessity.

Relief Aid Specifics

In the immediate Covid assistance provided, Zahra Hasanaat gave them money, medical aid, and food. In Ramadan, upon recieving the food ration kit, he had professed express gratitude to the organization.

Benefits (Long/Short-term)

The immediate benefits are the obvious well-being and health of Abbas and his family that was ensured during the pandemic through Zahra Hasanaat’s relief aid, along with the long-term benefits of the continuous basic support Zahra Hasanaat has offered them.