Desire to Learn Despite Domestic Violence

Ruqaiya is a ten-year-old student with a sister and brother, Batul and Abbas, in a low-income family affected by domestic violence. They live with their mother, who struggles to make ends meet for her three children.

Socioeconomic & Family Background: 

A family of five, the three children lived in Madhya Pradesh with their father and mother.  Ruqaiya is around 10, Batul, around 7, and Abbas is the youngest. Their mother is heartfelt in diin, has brought children to Ashara for years, and is very hardworking in the job she has taken in a clothing store. Their father had brought income as well, and QJSP helped them out with a few fees. 

However, when the father became abusive, Abbas was sent away for a while. When the domestic violence increased, it was suggested that since the mother was paying the rent, she should leave with her children. Zahra Hasanaat has since relocated her family. She earns an 8000INR salary, with a 6000INR rent, so Zahra Hasanaat has sent aid for some months. QJSP has also filled all three kids’ fees every year in full.

Schooling:  The children go to school regularly, and are sincere in their desire to study.