Helping a Star to Shine

Murtaza is a first-generation student with a bright younger sister, Ruqaiiya, in a single-mother family from a low socioeconomic status. With grades that suffer in part due to financial difficulties, QJSP has found them financially deserving of academic scholarships. 

Socioeconomic & Family Background: 

Murtaza is 16, with a younger sister named Ruqaiiya, who is 7. Some of their family suffer from addiction, resulting in an inability to contribute to the income. Their mother brings their primary income by selling things online to make ends meet. They have a ground plus one living and their mother-in-law, who previously paid for their electricity, has left them, resulting in further difficulty in paying the fees. Her sister-in-law also does not send aid. Their grandmother cooks food for an income and sends some money to them from Kuwait. 

Schooling:  An emphasis was placed on Murtaza for focusing on a career pathway with dedication, while Ruqaiiya, though being a bright student, has had difficulty in her classes this year due to her mother’s necessary preoccupation with assuring that the family’s income is stable.