Endurance through Earth-shattering Loss

Hussaina is a hardworking 17-year-old student in a family afflicted by the devastating effects of an earthquake, achieving good grades despite financial struggles and school changes. Her 14-year-old brother, Hatim, struggling like many during the pandemic’s need for online education, is now looking towards pursuing a career in business. QJSP has found them and their family deserving of a scholarship and medical aid for many years. 

Socioeconomic & Family Background: 

Hussaina is around 17 years old, with a younger brother, Hatim, who is around 14 years old. They live in Gujarat, where in 2000, a devastating earthquake made their family lose practically everything, including their only daughter, house, and means of living. They have since been unable to recover. After the earthquake, their business was cheated, leaving them without reliable means of income. They had two more children, Hussaina and Hatim. Their current house was gifted to them by relatives. 

Zahra Hasanaat has supported them for about four years, with Covid support and medicine, including financial guidance in helping them find work. One lakh for a general store was loaned, but since Covid, their business hasn’t seen success. They had originally come to the organization with school fees for an expensive CBSE school costing 60k, and since being advised, have shifted to Gujrat State Board for 30k, with their school bus fees still costing 14k. 

Medical: Their mother is highly diabetic and her eyes are affected, so they also have medical expenses. Zahra Hasanat has given 17k in assistance. Schooling:  Hussaina has the desire to learn, is hardworking and maintains good grades, while Hatim is looking towards studying business in the future; however, their education is disoriented due to their family and their circumstances.