Giving Back with What’s been Learned

Tahera and Aziz are bright and hardworking Medical Science students completing the final year of their Master’s program. They are involved with treating patients in medical camps, and undertake community service with passion and initiative.

Socioeconomic & Family Background: 

Tahera and Aziz’s father is a university professor who is forward thinking and has taken out numerous loans to fulfill his children’s dreams to become doctors. He encourages his daughter, Tahera, along with her brother Aziz, in her studies.

When their father had fallen ill, Tahera and Aziz were going into medical studies for her Master’s degree, an expensive program, and along with the necessary medical fees for his own treatments it was difficult for him to manage the burden of his children’s educational costs. This is when he asked QJSP for help, and a partial scholarship was finalized. 

Often, messages are sent expressing gratitude for the support she and her brother have received from QJSP. The two siblings send their reapplication correctly every time without prompting, and fulfill all the requirements with seriousness and sincerity.

Community Service: 

They perform community service with considerable sincerity, particularly from the medical angle. They are involved in the camps with treating patients, and meet their community service requirement through this. They also send photographs and details of the events.


Tahera got her BA at the Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences, in Hyderabad. Currently, she and her brother, Aziz, are completing their final year of the Master’s program. 

Tahera is incredibly bright and hardworking, with excellent results and performance. Aziz is also very hardworking, particularly for such a difficult field.


The cost for their program individually is 70 lakh for 5 years, 14k/year, along with 1 lakh 80 thousand for miscellaneous expenses. QJSP has given them each a partial scholarship of about 4lakh/year, on a 60% loan and 40% grant basis (repayable once they start earning).