Promoting Potential through Financing Education

Arwa is a straight A, 13 year old student who lives with her single mother and elderly grandmother. Dedicated and hardworking, QJSP has found her notably deserving of an educational scholarship.

Socioeconomic & Family Background: 

Arwa is around 13 years old, in the 8th standard. She lives with her mother and grandmother in Indore; her father had deserted them when she was younger and her uncle does not help in supporting them. Her mother, who is illiterate, manages to make a 7-8k monthly income through cooking, with a 2.5k rent to pay. QJSP has given them a 10k scholarship to cover 6 months worth of educational fees.


Arwa has exceptionally good grades and incredible potential, achieving nearly straight As. She goes to tuition regularly as her mother cannot read, costing 300rs as they are unable to afford more expensive classes.