Gratitude and Resilience in the Fight Against Cancer

Zahra Hasanaat has provided Najmuddin with the loan for his wife’s radiotherapy treatment, a vital procedure in her fight against cancer. With gratitude, he accepts the moral support the organization offers him in this trying time.

Medical Issue & Background

Najmuddin’s wife suffered from cancer, and was undergoing chemotherapy as a treatment. It was realized that radiotherapy would be a necessary procedure to ensure the value of all the other taxing treatments she had already undertaken. Initially the treatment was attempted in Tata, and then in Reliance hospital.

Through an acquaintance of Zahra Hasanaat, the treatment was acquired at a discount. Zahra Hasanaat provided them with the loan for the procedure. 

He has expressed gratitude towards Syedna Fakhruddin for his guidance and doa (prayers). Zahra Hasanaat has offered him continuous moral support throughout his time with us.

Aid Specifics

50-60k INR was loaned to Najmuddin for his wife’s radiotherapy treatment.